The War in Ukraine and the Manual for Gorillas

Authoritarianism is expanding at a fast pace by Juan Rodulfo

The attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, and the intentions of Wladimir Putin to invade and control Ukraine are clear signs that powerful circles around the planet are working hard to eliminate democracy and freedom.

In the Book: Manual for Gorillas: 9 rules to be the “fer-pect” dictator, the author Juan Rodulfo, based on the movie: “Fer-pect Crime”, comes with a set of behaviors to identify dictators and authoritarian individuals, properly named in the 60’s: “Gorillas”

Once the overthrow of the government of Juan Domingo Perón occurred due to the coup d’état of the self-styled Liberating Revolution of September 16, 1955, the denomination was used to identify the supporters of the new government and, over the years, the term was used by Peronists and not Peronists to name the anti-Peronists, but with a contemptuous sense. By extension, in Latin America began to be called “gorillas” reactionary generals who executed coups, and that exercised a harsh repression against their political opponents.

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