The Mexico Fight – National Review

The New York Times reports on the latest. If Trump were somehow to bludgeon and cajole Mexico into a “safe third country” deal it would be a tremendous accomplishment and significantly alleviate the border crisis, but we’re likely to end up with something short of that:

The Americans told their Mexican counterparts that the president was insisting on wholesale changes to address the severity of the problem at the border. Among the steps they pushed was the adoption of a “safe third country” treaty that would require Mexico to allow any migrant from Central America or elsewhere to apply for asylum there rather than continuing on to the United States.

If such a treaty were signed, the United States could change its own asylum laws to prohibit anyone who has not requested asylum in Mexico from making the same request in the United States. Officials believe that could significantly reduce the number of migrants who seek refuge in the United States.

But Mexico has been firmly opposed to such a treaty for years, believing that it would make Mexico the country of last resort for migrants and refugees throughout the hemisphere. If that happened, the economic consequences for Mexico could be dire, officials there believe. Mr. Ebrard reiterated his country’s staunch opposition to the idea earlier in the week.

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