Jacques Kelly: When the first private television came to Baltimore – Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Museum of Industry’s recently opened exhibit “Tap Talk Text” looks back at Maryland’s communications pioneers.

It touches on the telegrams once delivered to homes to announce a death in the family.

And it shows that WBAL-TV’s popular afternoon program, “The Quiz Club,” lasted an hour (circa 1956), while its total nightly news broadcast was a brisk 15 minutes. Once the recap of the day’s events was over, the station returned to the reruns of “The Little Rascals.”

Joseph Abel, the museum’s historian, turned up a fascinating relic: Elizabeth Behlert’s handwritten 1929 notebook from her training class at the old Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone exchange at Guilford Avenue and 31st Street. As a telephone operator, she took and placed calls from the Belmont, University, Tuxedo, Chesapeake, Homewood and Hopkins numbers.