Isaiah Rider Says He’s Ready For The BIG3, Ice Cube Should Holla At Him – TMZ

Isaiah Rider

Ice Cube, Call Me

… I’m BIG3 Ready!!!

6/2/2019 12:25 AM PDT


Ice Cube‘s BIG3 league is missing out on a major ex-NBA talent who says the league needs to give him a look ASAP … like YESTERDAY, because he’s SURE he has enough game left to compete.

The man is Isaiah Rider … who averaged 16.7 ppg over 9 NBA seasons — a serious player — and told us he feels like he’s not getting a fair shake at continuing his hoops legacy in the BIG3.

“I been in the draft the last three years … They know I’m available, it’s a buddy league. One of my buddies need to pick me up and stop playing.”

How does Rider know he’d cook (cook: meaning to do well playing basketball, it’s how the kids talk) in the BIG3? He had an answer.

“They got people in the BIG3 that sat on the bench BEHIND me! Stop playing man!!!! Town bidness, stop playing man.”

Note: the term “Town Bidness” refers to the fact that Isaiah Rider is from Oakland, CA. A place noted for not only it’s amazing basketball players, but for a population that’s not about BS of any kind.

With that being said … get this man a jersey.