Ice fisherman rescued after falling through ice on Kent County lake –

CEDAR SPRINGS, MI — Firefighters rescued a fisherman who fell through thin ice on a northern Kent County lake Thursday.

The middle-aged man was able to cling to the edge of the ice hole until Solon Township firefighters could reach him with a flotation device and pull him to shore.

Firefighters responded to Long Lake, west of Cedar Springs, about 2:45 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 26 for the ice rescue.

It’s believed the fisherman had been partially in the water for 15-20 minutes before someone noticed him in distress and called 911, said Solon Township Deputy Fire Chief Chris Paige.

Paige said the man was about 125 feet from shore when he fell through the ice, estimated to be only an inch thick or less.

Firefighters put on special ice rescue suits to reach the man. He was alert and talking after the rescue and was expected to be fine, although he was transported by ambulance to a hospital to be checked.

Paige said Long Lake is covered with ice, but it’s not thick enough to support much weight. The rescue should serve as a warning to others to stay off the ice.

“With the weather being what it is, it’s not really cold enough to sustain ice creation. There is ice on certain lakes, but it’s not good ice,” he said.