Ice in Paradise hockey team honors teammate killed in Montecito mudslide with memorial brick – KEYT

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        GOLETA, Calif. - Hockey players bought a memorial brick for their teammate who was killed one year ago in the Montecito mudslide.

The $500 brick with the words In memory of Mark Montgomery is in the donor garden outside the rink.

The hand surgeon, 54,  and his daughter Caroline,22, were killed when mud and debris washed their Randall Road home away on Jan. 9. His son Duffy was injured in the slide. His wife and other daughter were out of town.

Another victim, Pasta Suttihithepa, is remembered for taking skating lessons at the rink.

Ice in Paradise General Manager Larry Bruyere said it has been touching to see how skaters remember the people lost.

Matt Dugan said Montgomery’s Aces hockey team went on to win the championship in his memory.

They wore patches with his number 2 and took a team photo holding up his jersey after the victory.

For information about buying donor bricks visit

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