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We got a weird one for you this week, a Fortnite challenge that requires you to use a toy to achieve something that may seem easy at first, but is actually a lot harder than it looks. I originally thought this challenge was to slide an ice puck over 100m in a throw, but it’s actually to do it 150m instead, as I was struggling with even 100 for a while. But I figured it out eventually.

To even start this challenge, you will have to have reached at least tier 28 in the paid Fortnite BR battle pass, which unlocks the ice puck that you can equip in one of your emote slots as a toy. Unfortunately you do not slap it like a hockey puck with your pickaxe like you do the golf ball, but instead you just throw it.

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My first instinct was to go to the frozen over remains of Greasy Grove to try sliding the puck on the ice lake there for maximum distance. But I kept topping out at like ~80-90m, not sure of what I was doing wrong, even if the puck seemed to be sliding as far as it could on the ice.


Turns out I was going about this all around, the actual solution is that you need height rather than just ice, as even with a full ice lake I think it’s practically impossible to hit 150m on a throw on flat terrain.

So if you need height, where’s the highest place around? If you’re thinking what I was thinking, you’ll end up at Polar Peak, far and away the highest point on the map now, and I was able to blow away the 150m throw from there in these areas specifically:


There are two spots where this is practically a freebie challenge completion once you figure it out, and provided no one kills you before you get to throw. The best place to go is to land at the very top of the castle, and then face north directly over Greasy Grove lake. Lob a puck off the top and it will drop off the entire mountain, slide on the lake and get you a huge total. In the screenshot below from this height I got over 200m, but on other throws I was actually hitting over 300m.


If you think the very top of the tower is too precarious a starting point, this also works at the other end of Polar Peak too. If you go to the gate entrance area, you can throw the puck where it starts to slope downward, and even though this decline is not as steep as the sheer cliff face on the north side, it should be enough to carry you over the finish line all the same.


You are probably not going to get this done in a non-snowy area, nor are you going to do it standing on flat ground. There are probably other locations on the map where this is possible, but even ones you think might be good I struggled with (Viking Village, for instance), but these two spots Polar Peak are where I had the best luck, and I have to imagine you’ll have this done in no time. Good luck!

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