Award-winning television production company looking to cast hometown ‘rivalry’ project – New Jersey Herald

Posted: Jan. 6, 2019 12:01 am


A New York City-based production company is looking to interview local residents who have a great deal of hometown pride for a project in development.

Left/Right, a television and film production company that secured multiple Emmys for its television adaptation of “This American Life” on Showtime, is researching towns in the tri-state area that have “mighty hometown pride and/or friendly rivalries” for a new series called “The Great Town Rivalries in America.”

Jessica Fuchs, who works in development for Left/Right, said the aim is to interview local individuals about their love for their hometown in hopes of discovering local rivalries, whether it’s “longstanding football rivalries or a friendly beef with neighboring counties.”

Did you grow up hearing stories from your grandpa about a neighboring town? Did your town cheer a little bit harder when you were up against a particular team?

For those who live in Sussex County, or who live elsewhere but still hold onto that rivalry, Left/Right is asking anyone interested in sharing their story to fill out an online questionnaire at

For any questions, email

Left/Right has produced a wide range of programming for a variety of networks including National Geographic, Showtime, A&E and HGTV. Its shows have been nominated for more ethan 15 Emmys and secured several, including the winner for Best Nonfiction Series.

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